Exiles Server Information

Exiles Server Information:

-PVP, Relaxed
Play like you want we dont want to limit anyone.

-Max Player Size is 50 at this time.
The Hardware and Bandwith of the Server could handle alot more, if its needed we raise this size.

-EP-Rate: 1.0
-EP-Time: 2.0
-EP-Kill: 1.0
-EP-Harvest: 1.0
-EP-Craft: 1.0
-Hunger Rate: 1.0
-Thirst-Rate: 1.0
-Day-Time-Rate: 1.0
-Night-Time-Rate: 1.0
-Harvest-Rate: 3.0
-Resource Respawn-Rate: 5.0

-Characters does not stay in the game when logging Off

-Items in Iventory are dropped on death

-Everyone can loot dead Players

-Sandstorm active

-Avatars active

-Damage Structures of other Players: allowed

-Max- Nudity (we dont want limit anyone)

Dedicated Server Location at Germany


Have fun